A system for typesetting critical editions on Personal Computers

CET supports WYSIAWYG - What you see is almost what you get

Now you can use MS Word for Windows to create your critical editions. No more cryptic CET commands, but almost WYSIWYG. The only limitation: As MS Word supports only one footnote series, all entries in the critical apparatus are displayed on the screen as ordinary MS Word footnotes:

Word screen shot

The buttons in the upper right corner are the CET buttons:
Typeset, Preview, Print, PS-Preview, PDF-Preview, Settings

How to format your Word document for CET

  1. How to create a new Word document for CET

  2. How to convert an existing Word document for CET

Click the Typeset button. This starts the following conversions:
Word document -> CET document -> TeX document -> DVI file
Click the Preview button in order to preview your document on the screen.

Please note: Before the conversions start, the Word document will be saved. The CET document will be saved in the directory \CET\TEXT. If this document exists, it will be overwritten.

The CET buttons and their functions

Print and PS-Preview ask for the range of pages to be printed/previewed. You can specify a single page or a range of pages (e. g., 10-20).

Installation instructions

  1. Install Adobe's free Acrobat Reader (required for PDF-Preview only).
  2. Upgrade your GhostScript to version 5.0.1 or later (required for PDF-Preview only).
  3. If you are using a version of CET earlier than 1.9.5:
    Copy ps2pdf.bat into the directory \cet (required for PDF-Preview only).
  4. Copy the decompressed into your Template Folder (e. g., \MSOffice\Templates). is a template for MS Word Version 7.0 for Windows 95. is a template for MS Word 97 for Windows 95. These templates contain the macros Word2CET (converts a Word document into a CET document) and Word2W2C (s. above) and the CET buttons and their corresponding macros.
  5. Open demo1w.doc with Word (demo1w.doc is an example, which can be used to check the installation).
  6. Assign the template Cetdoc95 (Cetdoc97) to demo1w.doc:
  7. Click the Typeset button. Click the Preview button. Test the remaining CET buttons.
  8. Use the Template Cetdoc95 (Cetdoc97) for new documents.

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