A system for typesetting critical editions on Personal Computers

Adapting CET to the MiKTeX 1.20e TeX compiler

  1. If a previous version of MiKTeX is installed on your computer, use the uninstall option of MiKTeX in order to remove it from your computer.
  2. Download the following files to an empty directory on your harddisk (these files can be deleted after the installation of MiKTeX):
    1. setupwiz.exe
  3. Install MiKTeX with the MiKTeX installation utility setupwiz.exe.
    Question Your answer
    Installation directory: x:\texmf (x must be a valid drive letter)
    Program folder: MiKTeX
    Local TEXMF tree: No local TEXMF tree
    Additional TEXMF directory trees: No preexisting TEXMF directory trees
  4. Do not append x:\texmf\miktex\bin to the environment variable PATH.
  5. Backup x:\texmf\miktex\fmt\latex.fmt.
  6. Copy to x:\texmf\miktex\fmt.
  7. Decompress \emtex\unzip\unzip.exe (answer "y" in order to replace the existing latex.fmt).
  8. Delete
  9. Backup x:\texmf\miktex\config\miktex.ini and replace it with this new miktex.ini.
  10. Backup \cet\cet.bat (Windows NT: \cet\cet2.bat) and replace \cet\cet.bat (Windows NT: \cet\cet2.bat) with this new cet.bat.
  11. Copy blatex.mik to \cet.
  12. Modify blatex.mik: Replace x:\ with your MiKTeX drive letter.
  13. Start CET by typing CET M and typeset your text.

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