A system for typesetting critical editions on Personal Computers

Installation instructions for Devanagari for TeX Version 1.2

Only for CET 1.9 and later versions.

  1. Copy (274 KB) into an empty directory (name it and unzip
  2. Read devanaga\copying for © information.
  3. Copy devanaga\*.tfm to \emtex\tfm
    Copy devanaga\*.mf to \emtex\mfinput
    Copy devanaga\latex2e\dev2e.sty to \emtex\texinput
    Copy devanaga\latex2e\ot1dn.fd to \emtex\texinput
    Copy manual.dvi (43 KB) to \cet\text
  4. Start CET and Print manual (the generation of the missing fonts will take several minutes ...).
  5. Remove the directory devanaga.
  6. Test the installation (enable Devanagari with DEVANAGARI *Y). Typeset and Print:
    #N+ #L+

    <[- - - - 15 pt 15 pt]>

    <DNB>*hindi mohan raake"s:
    (*mis*) {<LTB>variant reading<LTE>} paal<DNE>

    #L- #N-

  7. Typeset and Print devanaga. devanaga.txt contains additional information about typesetting with Devanagari.

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